Thursday, March 19, 2015

Goodbye ~ Hello March 19, 2015

Growing and moving on....

This past week we have again changed the missionary force for Pointe Noire.  When Elder Sperry arrived last year he was right out of the MTC from Provo.  So in missionary terms he was "born" here.  His "father" Elder Garland sent an e-mail this week wondering how his "sons" were.  So we have loved working with and getting to serve alongside of a very valiant missionary.  He left on Wednesday to go to Douala where he will serve as the District Leader for Bonaberi .   We know he will do a wonderful job because he is an obedient, faithful and very kind missionary. 

We then received a very seasoned missionary Elder Johnson who will leave at the end April. When we first arrived in Pointe Noire of January 2014, Elder Johnson was here serving in the Pointe Noire Branche.  But he left on the next transfer and so we didn't really get to know him.  So we are glad he has returned here to finish out his mission.  He will be serving with Elder Mbikayi in the Aéroport Branche and sector.   

So the work of the Lord continues. . . . . .  

Elder Sperry with his "tie"he picked out.  We always give an African tie to our departing missionaries.  We tell them that it will "tie" us together forever as we will always remember our time in Pointe Noire serving the Lord.

Saying goodbye...

This past Sunday, everyone gathered to say goodbye...The children especially love Elder Sperry!

This past Monday was the final "P-Day" basketball game.  Elder Sperry loved to play and was very competitive.... in a kind sort of way!

Gathering for one last group picture!

Our new (old) Elder Johnson.  He is from Colorado and has 6 more weeks to finish out his mission.  We are so grateful to have him here in Pointe Noire.

Teaching with the Elders....

Elder Mbikay and Elder Bailey with Tresor (top right) and his family.  Tresor was baptized last month and was so happy for the missionaries to meet his family.  This is his mother and father and 7 of his brothers and sisters.

In the few hours that Elder Mbikayi was without a companion, he was worried about visiting all of the people that needed to be visited... So Elder Bailey stepped in to help out.  Being MLS Senior missionaries we sometimes miss the actual teaching of new converts and seeing the changes that come into the lives of those who accept the Gospel.  So he had a wonderful day with Elder Mbikayi.

This is another family they visited.

As they traveled about the sector, they saw where Jhostavie lives.  He is one of the Branche missionaries who is in Brazzaville right now trying to get his passport so that he can get ready for his mission.    

Missionary Work  ....

On Saturday March 14, 2015 we had three baptisms.  Elder Bulendolo  talks with the missionaries as they wait for all the candidates to arrive.

Elder Bulendolo and Elder Adriamiasinarivo had two candidates in the Loandjili Branche.

Group Photo...


We just love this picture and the depiction of our Savior in his red robe coming again to the earth.  We are grateful everyday to be part of the "gathering" and "preparing" of those whose hearts are ready here in Pointe Noire. We are so thankful to serve alongside of these wonderful young Elders who are working so hard for the Lord. 

The "Good-bye's and the Hello's are all part of the glorious work we are called to do!

The Gospel is True!

Until next week.............

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blessings of the Gospel . . . . 10 March 2015

The blessing of friends throughout the world....

Another week in the Mission Field and we are still loving serving the Lord.   We have been reaping the benefits of having President and Sister Cook teach and train us on March 2.  Now we are working to strengthen our Missionaries and the Saints here in Pointe Noire.

This past Sunday we attended the Loandjili and Pointe Noire Branches.  We met a former Ivoirian while we were there who knew those that Elder Bailey had baptized in Abidjan.  Brother and Sister Niamke are still very active in the Gospel along with their beautiful family of Marie Odile and Benjamin.  We were so happy to learn about our friends and loved ones we grew to love while serving in Côte d'Ivoire.

The Church of Jesus Christ is truly a world-wide church with Senior Missionary Couples serving throughout.  What a priceless experience it is to be on the Lord's errand. . . We love the work!

We are at the Pointe Noire and Loandjili branches with Lionel Nsikabaka from Abidjan
 Côte d'Ivoire.  He is visiting Pointe Noire for two weeks.

The blessing of bringing souls to Christ....

On Saturday February 28, we had 9 baptisms.   
Loic, Genese, Mpele, Juckel, Naurah, Elvira, Jelerdie, Roselle and Drolin

With the Missionaries...
Elder Beutler, Elder Bulendolo, Elder Andriamiasinarivo, Elder Muamba and Elder Etherington

On Saturday, March 7, David was baptized by his father Patrick.  Elder Sperry and Elder Mbikayi have been teaching him.

The blessing of this His beautiful world....

This past Monday is the Monday before we get transfer letters.  So the missionaries decided to take a couple of hours to spend at the Ponton Plage.  They usually play basketball in the morning early, but stayed home this day to get everything done so that we could spend some time at the beach.  We are not sure what this transfer will bring, but we know that some will soon leave Pointe Noire and this is a wonderful way to all be together for one last time.

Elder Nzoronka relaxes in one of the new lounge-chairs.

As always, the volleyball game quickly turns into a soccer match.  Elder Etherington is trying to take the ball away from Elder Muamba..... Elder Andriamiasinarivo was left in the dust. ...

Elder Bulendolo is trying to take the ball away from Elder Muamba....

Elder Mbikayi is trying to keep the ball away from Elder Muamba....  Elder Muamba is so big that he just hogs the ball.  Elder Bulendolo ended up making 2 goals which we all were very happy about.

Elder Bailey just watches the missionaries working hard at playing hard.

Sister Bailey also relaxes and watches the missionaries.

Elder Andriamiasinarivo, Elder Muamba, Elder Bulendolo, and Elder Mbikayi worked up an appetite after their game of soccer.

Elder Sperry, Elder Beutler, Elder Nzoronka and Elder Etherington 

New at the Ponton Plage was a trampoline.  Our African Elders had never been on one before.  We laughed so hard at them trying to jump.  Elder Andriamiasinarivo loved it.

So did Elder Mbikayi

Elder Bulendolo wasn't so sure!

Elder Etherington was a natural..

Elder Muamba tried to do a flip. . . it was more like a rolling handstand!

So Elder Bailey showed them all how it was done!!

We then decide to take some pictures by the ocean.  Elder Muamba just picks up Elder Sperry and brings him along...  


Companions..... Elder Sperry and Elder Mbikayi

Companions....Elder Etherington and Elder Nzoronka

Companions....Elder Muamba and Elder Beutler

Companions....Elder Andriamiasinarivo and Elder Bulendolo

The Pointe Noire Zone March 9, 2015

The pyramid attempt!

The North American Missioanries.  Elder Etherington from Oklahoma, Elder Sperry from Orem, Utah and Elder Beutler from Mapelton, Utah.


The blessings of the Gospel are felt each day as we reach out and serve the Lord.  We are so grateful for the chance to serve Him here in Pointe Noire and feel and see His love through everything that we do.   We are truly blessed!

The Gospel is true

Until next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zone Conference with a General Authority ~ March 2, 2015

President Carl B. Cook. . . . of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Yesterday we were so excited to spend the day with President and Sister Monga and President and Sister Cook.  President Cook was doing a tour of the Mission and the Pointe Noire Zone Conference was scheduled for March 2, 2015.  Elder Bailey went to the hotel Villa Madiba at 7:30 A.M. as President Cook wanted to meet with the Zone Leader, Elder Beutler and District Leader, Elder Etherington at 8:15 sharp.  Our missionaries arrived on time and were here at 7:30 A.M sharp!

We were able to hear from Soeur Monga who talked to us about staying healthy and eating right.  She is over the health and welfare of each missionary and makes sure that they all are eating their vegetables and fruits! 

President Monga talked about ways that we could improve our teaching especially by using "good" questions in our discussions.  We read out of Preach My Gospel and he challenged us to use questions that will bring out the learning and teaching of each of our investigators.  

Sister Cook talked about the "iceberg".... how what we see on the outside is not always what is going on in the inside.  She had us role play about trying to understand the concerns of why our investigators were not progressing in the Gospel.  

We then were taught by President Cook.  He taught us many things, among which were the difference between testimony and conversion, and also the "Pattern of Progression".  We learned about how we can know the church is true and yet not be converted to the Gospel. We learned about taking our investigators from the "natural man" to a Saint and the process that is needed to help them become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to endure to the end.  

At the conclusion we went around the room and expressed what one simple truth the Spirit had taught each us that day. It was a very inspirational meeting for everyone.

We finished the day around 7:00 P.M. and took them to the airport to finish their mission tour in Brazzaville for the next 2 days.  We are so grateful for President and Sister Cook and President and Sister Monga for coming to Pointe Noire and strengthening our testimonies so that we will be the best missionaries for the Lord.  

Elder and Sister Bailey and President and Sister Cook. 

Back row:  Elder Sperry, Elder Nzoronka, Elder Beutler, Elder Muamba, Elder Etherington, Elder Bulendolo, Elder Mbikayi and Elder Andriamiasinarivo.
Front row:  President and Sister Monga with President and Sister Cook.

Elder Beutler is our Zone Leader and works in the Mpaka Branche.

Elder Etherington is our District Leader and works in the Pointe Noire Branche.

Elder Mbikayi works in the Aéroport Branche

Elder Sperry works in the Aéroport Branch also.

Elder Bulendolo works in the Loandjili Branche.

Elder Andriamiasinarivo works in the Loandjili Branche also.

Elder Nzoronka is in the Pointe Noire Branche.

and Elder Muamba works in the Mpaka Branche....  President and Sister Cook were impressed with how tall Elder Muamba was.  All of their five children are tall so they felt right at home with him.

We prepared a special musical number for the day, where we used the guitar for one of the verses.  President wanted to show us that he also has musical talent!

Elder Bulendolo, Elder Etherington and Elder Nzoronka look on.  Elder Etherington is our music major and directs us in our musical numbers for the special conferences.  We sang "Now Let Us Rejoice" for President and Sister Cook. 


How grateful we are for the Spirit that taught us and for the valuable servants who dedicate their lives to be special witnesses of our Savior Jesus Christ.  How we love them!

The Church is True!

Until next week!