Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week #2 On Our Own...Ohhhh!

     We began this week taking the Bybee's to the Airport.  We took President Caillet with us, because he knows everyone, and he throws a lot of weight.  We have learned in the short time that we have been here that it pays to have "people".  We are so grateful that President Caillet is one of our "people".  He speaks very little English, but we get along fine. 
     After we dropped off the Bybee's, we needed to get Elder Bailey's International Driver's license stamped. It should have been a simple thing, but in Africa, NOTHING is simple.  We went to 6 different places... We met the chief of police, someone on the beach in a little building(?), someone by the Poste Office, etc. and finally we were directed to a building downtown.  We walked up many steps, through many doors, and finally sat down in front of a very kind lady, who President Caillet introduced as his COUSIN!!  She stamped our license, we payed her, and we were on our way.  Why we just didn't go to her in the first place, we will never know.  That is just how it is done in Africa!  We are learning Patience!
This is the Ice-cream truck African style!


  1. Our kids loved the "African Ice Cream Truck" ahahahahaaha.

  2. Dad driving in Africa.........................................SCARY

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