Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Mission Belongs to the Lord ~ June 9, 2014

A few months back I was reading about missionary work and found this wonderful quote by Elder M. Russell Ballard.  

                        "My mission belongs to the Lord.  With all my heart I give
                         my energy and my time to the Master because I love him.
                         Therefore, I'm going to look at every day not as mine, but
                         as His.  And I will treat each minute of His time with respect
                         and focus and the dedication that it deserves."

As a Senior Missionary Couple, we feel that our mission does belong to the Lord. We never know what each new day is going to bring but we do know that it will "belong to Him", and so we know it will be ok.

"This Day".... 

When we came on our mission in January, we noticed that there was a small apartment hooked to our home.  Mostly it was used to store anything we didn't want in our apartment, supplies for the missionaries, and to cook fish in when we didn't want the smell in our kitchen. All that changed when we received two more missionaries which brings us now to 10.

So, our two Zone Leaders, with President Cooks approval, decided to move into the little apartment next to us because it just happens to be in their "sector" and would leave room in the other two apartments for the other Elders.

We have been trying to get everything ready for them, as no one has lived there for four years.  The one "big" plus for the missionaries is that it has air-conditioning. So Elder Garland and Elder Hatch are thrilled.  

The next few pictures are of the apartment and one of our focus' for this week....

These are just some of the supplies that we took out of the rooms upstairs that we now have to find a place for..

Elder Bailey working on the kitchen sink and the water.

He is installing a new water filter.

...and putting together their new stovetop.

One of my jobs was to scrub this refrigerator that had been sitting for four years......?!?

This will be the missionary's bedroom.  It needed some curtains for the French-doors.

So another one of my jobs was to hem the curtains that we found in one of the little "Lebonese" stores we found in the city.

My "sewing machine".

While we were cleaning things out, the Elders found ping-pong paddles, balls, and a net.  We had this old board laying around that we use to "expand" the seating around our kitchen table, and with the empty water-jugs, Elder Garland and Elder Hatch had a great competitive game going on.  They still have "the touch"...

This Day......

Saturday, June 7, 2014, Elder VanAusdal baptized "Juldas".  When we arrived at the church Juldas was waiting by the gate to come in so he could get baptized.  Elder Ralison, the new Elder from Madagascar, has been here for two weeks and also helped teach.

This is "Surprise" with Elder Tweneboah.  Surprise is a recent convert and comes to each baptism to support the missionaries.  Most of these young people who are being baptized are the only members in their families. 

Elder Rakotonindriana and Elder Etherington, were the co-piano players for the baptism.  

This Day. . . 

Elder Bailey and I started the piano classes this past week.  (Mostly Elder Bailey... he is the one who knows how to play).  The students were so exited, and very serious about their lessons.  We only announced it in one Branche so we could "figure things out", but this next Thursday we will probably have 20 students.

This is Mia.  She is going to be baptized this next Saturday.  She has a piano at her home and was so grateful for the chance to learn how to play.

This is Beri.  He was our most determined and grateful student.

Gloire, was also so happy to be learning the piano.  

This Day. . . 

As we finished a long day at the church, we looked at the beautiful sunset and said a silent prayer to thank our Heavenly Father for not only "this day", but for "each day" that we are here in Pointe Noire serving Him. 

We love our Mission! 


Pictures of the Week

This is the little gecko that lives in our bedroom.  He found a little shelter under our rug and was peeking out trying to figure out his next move.

This picture reminded me of a mother lion and her cub.  Probably the closest thing we will see of a lion, even though we are in Africa!!  

Until next week........


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