Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Missionaries

New Missionaries

We have had a wonderful week filled to the brim with Missionary work.  On Monday we picked up three new missionaries from Cameroon.  On Wednedsay we attended District Meeting at the Foukes Apartment.  On Thursday we taught our 20 piano students at the church.  On Friday, we shopped and cleaned and prepared for Saturday when we had a baptism and a Fireside.  We prepared packets for the Branches for their Young Women who we found out have not had any manuals for 6 months, and knew nothing about "Come Unto Me".    We could go on and on, but I have made myself tired just thinking about everything involved in being on the Lord's errand.  But the bottom line is "we love it".  

Today Elder Bailey and I were talking and we laughed when we thought of ourselves as a "Leatherman Tool".  It just so happens that Elder Bailey brought two of them on our mission.  A big one and a little one.  They have been one of the "best" tools we brought from back home and they have come in so handy for all of the unexpected problems that arise.  On Saturday we were preparing  the meal to eat after the Fireside, and there were no knives in the kitchen.  So, the Leatherman came in handy to cut up all of the baguettes, zucchini's, carrots, and plantains.  

 It seems that every calling and experience that you have been blessed to have throughout your life is used in the service of the Lord, when it comes to being a Senior Missionary.  If our bodies will just hold out and minds will just hang on, we should be good for another year!

We are so grateful for the Missionaries we serve alongside.  On Tuesday of this week we will meet President Elie Kyungu Monga, our new Mission President.  He will be traveling to Pointe Noire for a Zone Conference.  We will have pictures next week on the blog.....

Here are our pictures for the week.

Elder Ralison with his new companion, Elder Tripp from Utah.  Elder Tripp arrived from Cameroon, but his luggage didn't.   Because there are only two flights into Pointe Noire from Cameroon each week, he had to wait until Friday to get his luggage.  We said many prayers that the luggage would be on the plane.   It was!

Elder Massy is the new District Leader and companion of Elder Tweneboah.

Elder Etherington's new companion is Elder Naughton from Mesa, Arizona.

Elder Ralison, Louis Andrew, Elder Tweneboah, and Elder Tripp at the baptism on Saturday.

Louis Andrew and Elder Ralison are ready to go!

Elder Sperry is waiting for everyone to arrive for the baptism...

Président Kende presided over the baptism.  He is the 1st counselor in the Branche President of the Aéroport Branche.  He just returned from South Africa when he was sealed to Eugenie, his wife and Gracia, his son.  

The Sisters helping to make the food for the Fireside.

Darcyne was over the luncheon.  Look how marvelous the sandwiches turned out!

Wall of Fame

This little family was playing with a string made out of plastic strips.  The used it like a "Chinese Jump Rope"

This little boy was hiding on the side of our truck playing with a video game he found.  He was fascinated by it.  The Africans of Pointe Noire are very interested in Technology, but very limited in having it available to them.

This is Fon Tie Tie, where you can buy anything you want....if you can find it.  These are plantains.  The are wonderful when you cut them up and deep fry them.

We love our work here in Pointe Noire.  We have been helped everyday by the hand of the Lord.  We know that we could never do what needs to be done without His help and support..  

Until next week........


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