Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant.... Feb. 2, 2015

Saying Goodbye. . . . 

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to a very special missionary, Elder Johnston.  He has been serving as our Zone Leader for the past 4 months and we have loved and appreciated his leadership and great knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Andri, Elder Mbikayi, Elder Sperry, Elder Johnston, Elder Etherington, Elder Muamba, 
Elder Bulendolo and Elder Nzoronka

We decided to have "Hawaiian Haystacks"..... African style.  Elder Sperry's was definitely the "highest" haystack of them all.  Even our African Elders enjoyed them.

Elder Johnston is always bringing  a smile to everyone face.  He is an Elder with many gifts and talents, which he shared with everyone.

With dinner ended, we prepared for the "testimony" part of our getting together.


We had each of the Elders say what they had most observed and loved about Elder Johnston.  

Elder Muamba will definitely miss his "colleague".... They worked very well together in Mpaka.

Elder Mbikayi and Elder Bulendolo studied some new brochures on the Temple.  We received these at the Couples Conference for our English investigators.  All of the Elders are trying to learn English.

Elder Johnston gave his wonderful testimony of his two years in the service of he Lord.

Elder Etherington finally received his Christmas packages....... He was thrilled.

Finally we concluded with "The Lord Is My Light",  to send Elder Johnston home with all the love and "voice" we could send him with.  

We tried to get everyone ready for a group picture, but Elder Mbikayi decided he needed to show us how strong he was.............

Natuarally, Elder Muamba had to show them that he was the strongest.  He about threw Elder Johnston to the ceiling......

Finally, the group photo.

The Lord's valiant servants for Pointe Noire. . . . . . plus Anicet our guardian who helped take our group picture!

Elder Muamba is now alone for the next few days until Elder Beutler arrives from Yaounde.  Until then Elder Bailey will go with him to all of the teaching assignments.  It will be a great experience for them both since Elder Muamba does not speak English..... But the Lord works miracles with willing hearts, and Elder Bailey definitely has  a willing heart...... 


How grateful we are for our missionaries who we serve alongside.  They are so faithful in keeping the commandments and in working so hard to find those the Lord has prepared.  We wish Elder Johnston a safe journey home to his family who is waiting anxiously for his return.

Elder Johnston arriving home!!

The Church is True!

Until next week...............!


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