Thursday, March 19, 2015

Goodbye ~ Hello March 19, 2015

Growing and moving on....

This past week we have again changed the missionary force for Pointe Noire.  When Elder Sperry arrived last year he was right out of the MTC from Provo.  So in missionary terms he was "born" here.  His "father" Elder Garland sent an e-mail this week wondering how his "sons" were.  So we have loved working with and getting to serve alongside of a very valiant missionary.  He left on Wednesday to go to Douala where he will serve as the District Leader for Bonaberi .   We know he will do a wonderful job because he is an obedient, faithful and very kind missionary. 

We then received a very seasoned missionary Elder Johnson who will leave at the end April. When we first arrived in Pointe Noire of January 2014, Elder Johnson was here serving in the Pointe Noire Branche.  But he left on the next transfer and so we didn't really get to know him.  So we are glad he has returned here to finish out his mission.  He will be serving with Elder Mbikayi in the Aéroport Branche and sector.   

So the work of the Lord continues. . . . . .  

Elder Sperry with his "tie"he picked out.  We always give an African tie to our departing missionaries.  We tell them that it will "tie" us together forever as we will always remember our time in Pointe Noire serving the Lord.

Saying goodbye...

This past Sunday, everyone gathered to say goodbye...The children especially love Elder Sperry!

This past Monday was the final "P-Day" basketball game.  Elder Sperry loved to play and was very competitive.... in a kind sort of way!

Gathering for one last group picture!

Our new (old) Elder Johnson.  He is from Colorado and has 6 more weeks to finish out his mission.  We are so grateful to have him here in Pointe Noire.

Teaching with the Elders....

Elder Mbikay and Elder Bailey with Tresor (top right) and his family.  Tresor was baptized last month and was so happy for the missionaries to meet his family.  This is his mother and father and 7 of his brothers and sisters.

In the few hours that Elder Mbikayi was without a companion, he was worried about visiting all of the people that needed to be visited... So Elder Bailey stepped in to help out.  Being MLS Senior missionaries we sometimes miss the actual teaching of new converts and seeing the changes that come into the lives of those who accept the Gospel.  So he had a wonderful day with Elder Mbikayi.

This is another family they visited.

As they traveled about the sector, they saw where Jhostavie lives.  He is one of the Branche missionaries who is in Brazzaville right now trying to get his passport so that he can get ready for his mission.    

Missionary Work  ....

On Saturday March 14, 2015 we had three baptisms.  Elder Bulendolo  talks with the missionaries as they wait for all the candidates to arrive.

Elder Bulendolo and Elder Adriamiasinarivo had two candidates in the Loandjili Branche.

Group Photo...


We just love this picture and the depiction of our Savior in his red robe coming again to the earth.  We are grateful everyday to be part of the "gathering" and "preparing" of those whose hearts are ready here in Pointe Noire. We are so thankful to serve alongside of these wonderful young Elders who are working so hard for the Lord. 

The "Good-bye's and the Hello's are all part of the glorious work we are called to do!

The Gospel is True!

Until next week.............

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