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A Marvelous Work ~ 28 May 2015

These past two weeks have been very special to Elder Bailey and I.  We were able to see two families head to South Africa to be sealed together in the Johannesburg Temple.  We met them at the Airport to take a picture of them before they left.   They were so excited to finally realize their dream come true.  

In the last General Conference, Bishop Gérald Caussé told us we are privileged to live in an exceptional time.  The prophets of old saw the work of the Restoration as "a marvelous work..., yea, a marvelous work and a wonder."  In no previous dispensation have so many missionaries been called, so many nations been opened for the gospel message and so many temples been built throughout the world.

We saw the blessings of this "marvelous work" this past week.  Now, the Malonga and Okili families will go back into their Branches and be a living testimony of the Temple and the beautiful ordinance of sealing families together for eternity.  

We are grateful for the missionary work that is going on in Pointe Noire.  We have been asked by Président Monga to focus on finding families to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to.  We know the Lord has prepared many to hear and accept the "truth" that has been restored in these latter-days. We love being on our mission and love to see the "joy" that the Gospel brings to so many who "don't know where to find it."

We still do not have a couple to replace us!  We are down to a little over a month before we go home. We are praying hard for someone to come to be "instruments in the hand of the Lord" here in Pointe Noire.  

Missionary work is hard, but so worth the sacrifice.  We have loved being a Senior Couple for the 2nd time in Africa, and being a part of "Hastening His Work of Salvation.

Our First Covenant. . . . 

Elder Legerski and Elder Mbikayi taught Presley the Gospel.  Jhostavie is his friend and baptized him.  It is wonderful to see the "purpose" the Gospel brings to our youth.

Temple Covenants. . . . 

This is the Malonga family.  Perpetue is the Relief Society President of the Mpaka Branche.  Leondré is a counselor in the Elder's Quorum.  He served a mission to Ghana and learned English which has been such a wonderful help to us.   Gilbeaux and Perley are their children.  

This is the Okili family.  Brother Okili serves as the 2nd Counselor in the Branche Presidency of the Pointe Noire Branche.  

Priesthood Blessing. . . . 

On Friday, Sylvanie came to receive a blessing of comfort from Elder Bailey.  We love her and her two children Divine and Prosper.  She has also finished the Temple Preparation class and is working towards going to the temple.

How it all begins.... missionary work

This is Sylvie.  She has been our neighbor for the last 17 months and we have never met her.  One day we talked with her out in front of our house and found out she spoke beautiful English, French and Spanish.  She was raised in France, but both of her parents are from Spain.  She decided to come to Pointe Noire 8 years ago for business.  

This is her cat Longo.  We told her how much we loved cats, so she brought him over to visit us last Friday.  When I asked her what her cat looked like, she said, "He looks like you!!.... referring to my freckles and reddish complexion."   

Sylvie came on Tuesday to show us how to make "Paëlla.  This is the signature dish of "Spain".  She showed us where to get all of the ingredients and new areas we had never been in before.

After the water has been added you add the round rice and let it cook for 15 minutes and it is ready.  She is delightful and such a fun person to be around.

She told us that the meal would serve six.  So we invited the missionaries from upstairs, and Paco who had been helping them that day.  They didn't complain.

As you can see, it was devoured.  Even the "shrimp" with the heads still on.  Elder Legerski was a little concerned about eating them, but gave it a try and thought that it was great.  The missionaries asked Sylvie if they could come and teach her the Gospel. She had her first lesson on Thursday!

Wall of Fame. . . .

Elder Beutler came on Friday to have our "Mission Council" meeting that we have every few months.   President connects with all of the Zone Leaders throughout the mission and they are able to talk with each other and gain ideas and teachings.  It is a wonderful concept, except for the fact that we are in Africa and out of the 7 we have been involved in.... none of them have worked very well.  Elder Beutler had been trying for almost an hour to get things to work on Skype.  Finally, they just decided to have a "group" phone meeting.  That seemed to work the best.  All of the Zone Leaders from Gabon, Yaounde, Douala and Brazzaville plus the Assistants, Sister Leader Trainers and President and Sister Monga are involved in this meeting.  They now will take back to each of their Zones the messages that were given.  


Missionary Work is Marvelous!  We are grateful each week for the blessings of being able to serve here in Pointe Noire.  We see the Lord's hand each and every day in this work and pray to always be able to find those that the Lord has prepared to hear the message.  We are also grateful or the special missionaries we serve alongside, and for the wonderful people he brings into our lives.  

                                                                  The Gospel is True!

Until next week...........

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