Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zone Meeting February 5, 2014

Back: Elders Hatch, Gelinas, VanAusdal and Lundberg
Front: Elders Baker, Garland, Morin and Wright

Yesterday we had "Zone Meeting" at our home.  The missionaries came together and were taught by the Zone Leaders.  We have Co-Zone Leaders, Elder Morin and Elder Gelinas.  They are wonderful missionaries and gave information they learned in a "Google Plus Hangout" conference, that they had last Wednesday,  that originated from the Mission Home in Kinshasa.  

   This was the first time that this was tried, and there are still "bugs" that need to be worked out, but they did get to see all the Zone Leaders from 4 countries and hear from President and Sister Cook.  

From left to right: Elders Gelinas, VanAusdal, Baker

Here are the pictures we took yesterday.  We celebrated Elder VanAusdal's birthday, he turned "19".  He is a quiet, giant of a missionary, and a marvelous cook.  He comes from Alaska. We had chocolate cake and ice-cream to go along with our sloppy joe's, potato salad, fruit salad and green salad. 

Mpaka Branch Elders: Elders Garland and Hatch
Mpaka Branch Elders: Elder Baker and Elder VanAusdal

Pointe Noire Branch Elders: Elders Lundberg and Elder Wright
Aeroport Branch Elders: Elder Gelinas and Elder Morin

We love our Missionaries!  We have been called to serve those that have been called to serve.  Our missionaries are the voice, hands and feet of Lord. 


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