Monday, February 24, 2014

The Pointe Noire Mission Life ~ Feb. 24, 2014

     We wanted to let everyone know of some of the missionary experiences that we have here in the "Congo" mission. African missions have their own uniqueness that are all their own.  We have learned to find the greatest joy on our mission when we look through the Saviors eyes.   
     A Congolese made this powerful comment, "We are all children of God, hence all candidates for eternal life"....
     We feel it a privilege to be here, doing our part to hasten the work of salvation along with these wonderful Elders who are giving their "all".

     Elder Bailey went with Elder Gelinas and Elder Morin to teach two brothers in Fon Tie Tie.  They were teaching the brothers when the whole family decided to come and listen in on the discussion.  The next three pictures are of their home and family.

A mother giving the children a bath.

                                         Elder Gelinas & Elder Morin teaching the brothers

Mothers and children listening to the discussion

We had an opportunity to do service this week with Elder Lundberg and Elder Wright.  This is the home of Alphonse who is a member of the Pointe Noire branch where these Elders are assigned.  Alphonse lives in this house with no electricity or running water and has a hard time walking, but does his best to get to church.  We wanted to help him weed his yard so he can have a place to plant corn, etc.

Elder Lundberg and Elder Wright

     We also had an opportunity to help Elder Wright and Lundberg with a Young Men and Young Women activity at the school.  We brought along a football and frisbee's and had many spectators that wanted to join in the fun.

Sister Bailey playing frisbee with the Young Women

Our cheering section

We love our Mission, and love the trust that Heavenly Father has put in us to be here.  It has been a wonderful week!


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