Monday, March 3, 2014

The Worth of a "Soul" ~ March 2, 2014

These are Elder Morin's basketball shoes.  Do you think they will last for five more days?  We hope so!  

 We had some sort of "Duct-Tape" at the apartment, which he wrapped around his shoes to hold the "sole" on until he goes home.  I think it is safe to say that these have been put to great use..... as well as Elder Morin's service as a valiant and honorable missionary.  Because of his great example and love, many "souls" were baptized into the Church here in Pointe Noire.    Truly the "Worth of a Soul Is Great!"

Elder Morin's basketball shoes


Today the Elders received their transfer letters that will take place this week.  Everyone is very excited about the "new" adventure that President Cook is trusting them with.  They are as follows...

  Elder and Soeur Bailey did not get a transfer.  President felt like they were working well as a team and will leave them together for the time being!! YEAH!

Elder Garland will now serve as the Co-Zone Leader with Elder Gelinas.
They will be serving in the Aeroport Branch.

Elder Baker is heading to Douala, in Cameroon, to serve as Co-Zone Leader with 
Elder Ntambwe.  They will be serving in the Sector - Bonaprisa.

Elder Van Ausdal's new companion is Elder Ndayizeye who is coming from Kinshasa.  They we be serving in the Mpaka Branch.

Elder Hatch was made the District Leader and will have as his new companion
Elder Rakotonindriana (say that three times!) They will serve in the 
Mpaka Branch.

Elder Wright's new companion will be Elder Johnston who is coming from Yaounde, Cameroon.  They will be serving in the Pointe Noire Branch.

So that leaves Elder Lundberg and Elder Morin who will leave on Friday at 1:15 to "Return With Honor" to their very excited families.  

Elder Lundberg and Elder Morin

One last "group hug"..... The Pointe Noire Zone!

We are grateful to have served with these Elders, even if it has only been two months.  May the Lord's blessings be with them all in their new assignments.


  1. Love the smiling faces on those Elders! Especially that goofy tall one ;)

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