Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Fruits" of our Labors ~ April 28, 2014

 The Lord's work is known by its fruits. "All the Savior said and did has stood the test of time and has borne good fruit in the lives of millions of people.    Those who have received the gospel are expected to manifest its fruits in their lives, not only for their own benefit and blessing, but for the purpose of drawing others to the truth." Dean L. Larsen    

Some of that "good fruit" will be on our blog this week figuratively and literally.   We have seen our valiant missionaries working so hard for the Lord... they are happy and willing to serve and are an inspiration to us each day.

Elder Wright and Elder Johnston taught and baptized Mbouki - Denicia this past Saturday.  Her Father was going to baptize her, but at the last minute hurt himself and was not able to.  So Elder Johnston stepped in!

This is Elder Rakotonindriana and Kilondo Chaldrey Princess.  Elder VanAusdal is in the background

These are Elder Hatch, Chaldrey & Elder Garland.  

Elder Etherington, Justovey, ( I did not get his name) and Elder Garland

Elder Ndayizeye celebrated his 25th birthday on Saturday.  We made him a chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He received his "pillowcase" which he loved.

This is the Ndinga family.  Sandrine is the Relief Society President of the Pointe Noire Branche.  Both Brother and Sister Ndinga are return missionaries.  The "fruits" of their labors are seen each Sunday as they serve with all their heart, mind and strength.  Their little boy is named " Jeffrey" after Jeffrey R. Holland.  It has taken them many years but they finally have enough money saved to go the temple in South Africa.  The only problem is that she is pregnant and due in June, and the first appointment for them was in August.  So we have asked President Cook if he could help them move their time up so this new baby could be "born in the covenant".  They are so excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and show it in all that they do.

The Sisters of the "Aeroport" Branche had a cook off this past week.  They each received chicken and then each team could do with it what they wanted.  We watched as they chopped and prepped and cooked on their little burners to make the most delicious meals you could have ever tasted.  Sister Sandrine (the one with her arms around the little boy, Daniel) is the brand new Relief Society President of this ward.  The "fruits" of their labors have been shown by the increase of the Sisters activity in their Branche.

These are the people that are waiting each morning as Elder Bailey goes to get water for our home.  When we had "Guards" at the church, they would fill their bedoins.  But now that we do not have guards, they wait for Elder Bailey to come.  The "well" on the churches property is a "fruit" of the missionary work assigned many years ago, and a blessing to the people in Pointe Noire.  

Now for the Fruit ~ Fruit

For the past three weeks I have been fighting a cold, congestion, bronchitis etc. I read where Papaya is great for your immune system, plus has many more health benefits making it a "wonder" fruit.  Because it is about the only fruit in season right now, besides bananas, there is an abundance.  So each morning Patrice stops in the market and picks us up a Papaya to make a "healthy drink" for Soeur Bailey.  I wanted to let you see what goes into making this "Smoothie" to which "Jamba Juice" would be so jealous!

This is a papaya.  Some are longer, greener, and bigger.  I first cut the ends off and slice it in half.

Inside the papaya are hundreds of tiny, black seeds.  They have a "peppery" taste and are a natural "dewormer".   

So I scrape out all of the seeds to get to the "meat" of the Papaya.

The peelings are put into our "compost" bin...which Patrice puts around the plants and flowers.  The peelings are also good for "wrinkle control", acne control, and age spots.  So I always rub them on my skin while I make the "Smoothie"

This is what the inside looks like.  It kind of reminds me of a cross between a pumpkin and a cantaloupe.

Next, I cut up the papaya and put in in our blender.

....and add three bananas.

ok..ready to go!  

Except for the "citron".  The only downfall of Papaya, is that it smells a little like "throw-up"..... sorry, but it does!  So the Africans add "citron" to it and that does the trick.

And here is the final result.  I have had one of these each day for the past week, and I am finally feeling better!  Thank goodness for the natural benefits of "fruits" that Heavenly Father has given to help us.

We appreciate so much the Lord's hand in our lives as we serve our mission.  We are so grateful to serve alongside our wonderful missionaries in helping  them to manifest the "fruits' of the Gospel to those they find, while enjoying the "fruits" of this beautiful country.  

Until next week........


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