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"You Are Clean"..... April 7, 2015

It has been a very busy week here in Pointe Noire.  We received a new Elder on Friday, Elder Etherington from Oklahoma, and we baptized 4 people on Saturday.  The Elders are working so hard here to find those the Lord has prepared and then teaching them about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance, so that they can be baptized.

Sister Bailey, Elder Etherington, Elder Garland, and Elder Gelinas

Elder Etherington has 7 brothers and one sister.  When I asked him about his little sister, he said he had never met her because his mom had her on March 31 while he was at the MTC.  He said he didn't even know her name but knew she would have "red" hair because everyone in their family has red hair!  He is 18 years old and loves music... He will fit right in!

For the last three months Elder Bailey and I have been looking for a little place to just go to have a "romantic dinner".  We have seen this place that is right by the Airport, but have  never gone into it. After we picked up Elder Etherington, it was after 5:00 p.m., so we stopped in to feed those hungry Elders who had been fasting and working hard all day.  It was "charming" in an African sort of way, and we had chicken and beef "chawarmas'" that were wonderful!   We ended our dinner with ice-cream in little cups just like "Baskin-Robbins'!  

These were the four candidates for baptism on Saturday April 5.  They are Welcome, Romelle, Surprise, and Christal.  Sometimes the names are hard for me to say and learn.  I have to write them down and say them about 100 times, before I can get them right.  But the names today were ones I will never forget, and so easy to say.

This is Surprise with his mother and brother.  He is the only member in his family and we were so happy to see the support they gave him for his special day.  Surprise is such a character.  He makes us laugh so hard!  He is ALWAYS wanting to come to our house and be with us. He speaks some English and is always asking if what he is saying "is good"!   

Elder Ndayizeye, and Elder Van Ausdaul taught Surprise

Elder Hatch, Christal, and Elder Garland

This is Romelle that Elder Bailey interviewed for Baptism after President Cook delegated that responsibility to him.  The keys to baptizing and confirming converts are under the direction of the Mission President, until there are 4 Branches, and then a District President is called.  Elder Hatch translated, and it was a powerful interview where the spirit was present.  Romelle understands what being "spiritually healed" means as she has come to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and feel the power of forgiveness through His Atonement.  As Elder Bailey brought Romelle into the baptismal font and raised his had to the square and in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost baptized her, as she came out of the water, he whispered to her......."You Are Clean"!   We all wept tears of joy!  

                                                   This is why we are here!

Wall of Fame   

A new part of the blog will be pictures that we took during the week of the wonderful mission life and experiences here in Pointe Noire

This is Bouulu, he is always outside of the little store that we shop at.  He paints the most wonderful African cards that we buy to write little notes on.  He always lets me pick one that I especially love as a "gift for buying from him".

These are our little herd of pigs that sleep outside our apartment most mornings.  The more garbage that is thrown out, the better they love it.

This is President Caillet, who is the Branche President of the Aeroport Branche, and Elder Bailey.  He came over to help us with our Visa's.  Ours expire next week, and we have had a hard time getting them renewed.  President Caillet knows everybody, and is so willing to help us with anything we need.

This picture was taken at 7:30 in the morning as Elder Bailey was on his way to get water.  This little girl was no more than 6 years old, and yet has the responsibility of her little sister. The children here do not have childhood's. They are responsible from the time they are little to "contribute" to their family.

Elder Garland was checking the "float" on the tank that holds the water from the well.  It is pumped up there and only works when the power is on.  We are so blessed to have this water that we come every day to use.

This is the sign outside of the Aeroport / Mpaka church.  I love the trumpet flowers that are always in bloom.   

I found this little bottle that had caramel sauce in it to use as a vase.  Everyday I go out and put new flowers in it to bring a "little bit of home" to our apartment.  These are the elephants that "Gisgard" carved for us.  

It has been a wonderful week that we are grateful for.  The Lord is blessing this mission with much success because of the faithful, valiant missionaries that are serving here.  We love them and we love our Mission!

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