Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Going Home ~ October 3, 2014

Elder Massé going home....

Serving a two year mission is such a wonderful experience for these young Elders.  They put their heart and soul into working hard for the Lord.  This past week, was the last one for our Elder Massé, as his mission ended on Oct. 3, 2014.  So this week we had many wonderful activities to celebrate his "Going Home".

We began the week, as a request from Elder Massé, heading to our favorite beach resort, "The Ponton Plage".  We finished up our Preparation Day with everything we needed to do, and then met at our home where we gathered up everything we needed for the trip.  This time we decided to roast hotdogs.  We had a hard time finding hotdogs, but Elder Johnston found chicken ones that worked great.  He bought 50 of them and we ate every one of them..  We couldn't find any hotdog buns, so we made our own.   We had to bring our own wood that we purchased from a little place by the church and we found the roasting sticks that other couples had made and packed up the cooler and away we headed.  

Back row: Elder Bailey, Elder Naughton, Elder Garland, Elder Massé, Elder Sperry, Elder Tripp, Elder Johnston, and Elder Ralison.
Front row: Elder Etherington, Elder Nkulu and Elder Bybee


The Elders love playing volleyball.  Elder Garland is always in the sand for one reason or another.  

...and always hogging the ball!

Elder Johnston gives a great volley...

Elder Naughton is trying out Elder Garlands moves...

Elder Bybee hits one over the net!

Push-ups now??

Elders Etherington and Elder Bybee  fight for the ball.

Elder Bailey looks forward to playing with the Elders.

Elder Johnston tries his dance moves...

Elder Sperry volleys one over.

These little children watched the whole time the Elders were playing. They are the poorest of the poor.  The little baby was being taken care of by his brother, who took such great care of him.  I asked them where his mother was, they said she was working at the market.  

Roasting our hotdogs....     all 50 of them!!

These are the hotdog buns that we made to go with our chicken dogs.

It took a minute to get the fire going, but once we got it started it worked out great.  We had the super-duper roasting sticks that cooked up to 10 at a time.  They work out great for 10 hungry Elders.

All of their scouting skills paid off. . . 

Waiting patiently for the dogs to be ready.

We cooked all of them and then took them back to the tables to prepare them.

Even the little children joined in to watch.

Patiently waiting....

Elder Ralison takes over, and Elder Bybee tests them to see if they are done.


After 46 chicken dogs ( we gave 4 to the little children), Elder Naughton and Elder Sperry just need time for everything to settle.  

May I have this dance?

Elder Johnston and Elder Nkulu letting everything settle in!

We always love spending time with these wonderful servants of the Lord...

As the sun was going down we took our final picture by the ocean.   

Farewell Dinner . . . . 

On Thursday, we had a farewell dinner for Elder Massé.  We had Lasagna, beans and fruit salad.  For dessert we made cheesecake with raspberry topping.  

Elder Garland, Elder Tripp, Elder Ralison, Elder Etherington, Elder Naughton, Elder Johnston, and Elder Massé.

As our final part of the day we had a farewell testimony and advice from Elder Massé. And then each of the Elders gave their favorite memory of him.  

Elder Bybee absorbing the wisdom!

Goodbye to the Cave. . . 

The Mpaka Apartment is affectionately known as the cave.  Elder Bailey and I picked up Elder Masse at 2:00.  He was packed and ready to head to the airport. Here he is having one last picture with 
Elder Tripp, Elder Naughton, and Elder Ralison.

Saying good-bye!

 Goodbye to Africa. . . 

So as the sun set in Pointe Noire, we said good-bye to a very fine Elder....
"Well done thou good and faithful servant."
We are grateful for his great example and love that will continue with the Elders still serving here.

Welcome Home. . .

And on the other side of the world, a very excited family, welcomed their missionary son home after a long 2 years apart.    

We love you Elder Massé..... Good luck in the next part of your journey!

Until next week!.............................


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