Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watchcare.... October 30,2014

Taking care of the Elders....

Part of our call as a Senior Missionary Couple, is watching out for the Elders.  Because our Mission President is about 16 hours away by bus, he relies on us to be his "watch care".  We look after our 9 missionaries and help them if they need any help.

About a month ago, Elder Bybee developed a Pilonidal Cyst by his tailbone.  Being a very spiritually strong and physically strong Elder, he thought that it would just go away. . . . . so he endured and endured.  Finally, when the pain was affecting his ability to do his work, he called Elder Bailey to get his advice as to what he suggested he should do.  After talking with President Monga, we took him to the Hospital to have it looked at.  They surgically removed the cyst that very day.  It is a 6 week recovery plan for most normal people.  But Elder Bybee is not normal..... remember he is "Super Bybee".... so he has been staying with us so that we can take him to the hospital every other day to have his bandages changed.  He is doing very well and we are taking one day at a time to see when he can get back to work in the Pointe Noire Branche.  Meanwhile, good old Elder Naughton, who is still waiting for his invitation letter to Gabon, has been filling in for whomever he needs to. . .... so it has worked out well.

Elder Johnston, Elder Bybee and Elder Bailey

This is our wonderful hospital "NetCare".  It is very up-to-date and has been a blessing.  Neither Douala, nor Yaounde in Cameroon have anything like this. We know that Heavenly Father watches out for His missionaries.

Elder Johnston was a very concerned companion... They allowed him to stay the night and "watch" over Elder Bybee.  He said the air-conditioners were so cold that he had to wrap up in the blankets they provided.

Elder Etherington, Elder Bybee, Elder Sperry and Elder Nkulu

He arrived home on Wednesday the 22nd of October.  He stayed in the apartment for two days and then has been staying with us until he can get out and work the 8 hours each day that missionary work requires.

Doing the Lord's Work....

Elder Garland and Elder Sperry have been teaching Hermeland.  Last Saturday he was baptized by the Aéroport Branche Mission Leader, Paco.

We had to show a picture that we took this past Sunday when he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We especially loved the tie!!

Elder Ralison, Exaucé,  Elder Tripp and Elder Naughton

The Mpaka Elders baptized this past Saturday as well.  It is so great to have Elder Ralison back and working hard.  He has had to go to Brazzaville to have some tests, but everything looks good for him to work hard for the Lord!  Again, Elder Naughton filled in for him while he was gone.

This is Frere Delov Pehot.  He is the 2nd Counselor in the Mpaka Branche.  He baptized his son, Delov this past Saturday.  Although this is not a convert baptism, it is so wonderful to see fathers baptizing... it is a very special experience.

Patiently waiting for the services to begin.

Watching...... the things we see in our everyday world.

This is the gas-station where we get our gas for our cars, generators, and propane tanks.  It is right around the corner from where we live.

When we are on our way to the Elders Apartments, we pass the latest fashions of the day.  These dresses are some of the "everyday" wear that would be worn by the women.  We especially love the mannequins. 

This street is the street by our home.  Everyone has an umbrella to put over their little stands.  It is the rainy season right now so they allow them to work through the rain.

These are the "garbage trucks".  These men work so hard to gather and sort the "poubelle" ..... which is garbage in French.

We always share the road with the "handcarts", taxi's, tractors, forklifts, and two ton trucks, etc.

Heads are like a 5th hand, they carry everything and anything on them.

This the market of Fond Tie Tie.  Each morning the trucks come to drop off the produce etc.  Then the millions of people come to pick them up to sell at their little market stands.

These are the "manioc" bags.  This is a "staple" for the people of Pointe Noire.  It is what our tapioca is made from.  


We are so grateful for everything that we see and do each day that is part of our mission for the Lord. We love our work, we love our missionaries, and we love the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   

Until next week...................


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