Friday, November 7, 2014

"The "Ties" That Bind ~ Nov. 7, 2014

. . . . thou knowest not how strong those "ties" are that bind my soultto thee.            Joseph Smith

Elder Bybee has been staying with us for two weeks while he recovers from surgery. He brought with him some beautiful African fabric that he wanted someone to help him make a tie out of.   

So after taking apart one of Elder Bailey's old ties and using it as a pattern, we decided to try our "hand" at sewing a tie.  Elder Bybee learned many new words he had never heard before like "cutting on the bias" and "blind stiching".  When we were done we were very proud of our final results. . . 

So this week our blog will be about the "ties" that bind us all together in the wonderful work of the Lord, and the joy of being a Senior Missionary Couple.  We are grateful for the "call to serve" and the experiences that come with it!

Elder Bybee with his very conservative, African tie!

These are the second and third attempts.  We have Elders that will be leaving on Monday when transfers occur, so we thought that we will give every Elder who leaves Pointe Noire a "tie" to remember us by.  Maybe they could think of it as a way to "tie" us together knowing that we will not see some of these Elders ever again! 
Do you think these ties qualify under the "conservative" category??

Our "ties" to our President. . . . 

Elder Etherington, Elder Tripp, Elder Naughton, Elder Ralison, President Monga, Elder Garland, Elder Johnston Elder Bybee and Elder Bailey.
Elder Sperry and Elder Nkulu

President Monga with the Pointe Noire missionaries after basketball practice on Monday. He said this was the first time that he had ever played basketball........everyone had such a great time!

Sister Monga with her missionaries!

The "ties" of serving the Lord. . . . 

Stany was baptized this past Saturday, November 1st.  He was taught by Elder Garland and Elder Sperry.

They also baptized Daniele.

Elder Johnston and Elder Bybee had been teaching "Fils" who was baptized by Frere Okili.

The "ties" of teaching. . . . 

Sister Monga wanted to show Elder Bybee how the African women keep their clothes so white.  She told us they never use bleach, but do everything by hand and just scrub and scrub with a special soap.  We went across the street to the little boutique and bought us some African soap so she could give us a first hand demonstration on Elder Bybee's shirt.

They sit on these little chairs called "Zebilonga's" and spend "hours" washing each piece of clothing by hand.

We were so grateful for President and Sister Monga who came attended all 4 Branches with us.  They were able to see the work that needs to be done, and feel the "spirit" of the wonderful Saints here in Pointe Noire.  We are hoping that becoming a "District" will soon be considered by the Area Presidency!

The "ties" of home. . . . 

Last Friday, Elder Tripp received a package from home.  It was sent to Douala, Cameroon and then brought here by President Monga.  We cannot tell you how happy Elder Tripp was to get a package. . . you just do not receive packages in Pointe Noire.  Inside of the box were Elder Tripp's baseball gloves that he used to play pitcher and centerfield with in High School.  

After District Meeting on Wednesday, we all took our turns at catching and pitching..... now if we only had a bat!!!

For Halloween we made popcorn balls for the missionaries.

We even had two trick or treaters!!  They brought us homemade cookies that were delicious!

This is our special friend Christell.  He reminds us of our grandchildren that we miss so much back home.  He was just baptized and comes every week even though he is the only member in his family. 

We are grateful for the "ties" that bind us to our Heavenly Father in this wonderful missionary work of rescue and love!

Until next week. . . .   

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