Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014.... Pointe Noire Congo

A Day To Give Thanks....

Thursday, November 27, 2014 will always be remembered as a very special Thanksgiving.  We prepared all day for the Elders to meet at 5:00 for the dinner.  They went out teaching all day and worked hard for the Lord. When they all arrived, we sang, "For the Beauty of the Earth", had a prayer by Elder Andri and ate until we couldn't move.   After the dinner, we all took a turn to express the things we were thankful for.  Besides being crazy and hilarious, they all expressed their heartfelt love of the work they have been called to do and their families.  It was a wonderful night!  

Elder and Sister Bailey wanted to send this note home to their family back in Ogden, Utah.

We started out making the pies.  Because they don't have shortening here, I haven't quite perfected the pie crust being made with butter.  

But the filling was spot on!  Grandma Moyes would have been proud of her recipe.  We put fresh bananas on top and covered it with mounds of whipped creme.   

The next attempt was better.  I figured out I was using too much butter to make my batter better..... sorry, I just had to say that!!  I am still trying to get into the habit of converting grams to cups!

Here is the butternut squash (pumpkin) pie.  It turned out wonderful also.

This is our "million dollar" dressing.  A few weeks ago, we found celery in one of our stores.  We knew that we would need this for the stuffing and even paid the $16.00, so that our Elders would have  it on Thanksgiving Day.

I didn't take a picture of our 4 roasted chickens that we served. But they also turned out great.  We made currant sauce in the place of cranberry sauce, and cut up mangoes, oranges, bananas and pineapples for our fruit cup.  

The Elders dug right in!

Elder Etherington said the potatoes were the best.  This was Elder Andri's first Thanksgiving dinner.  He loved the baked chicken!

Elder Tripp was the first one to get his plate.  He came in second for most weight gained after the meal. Elder Sperry is always happy when there is food to eat!

Elder Bybee finished up his pies and comes in first.  He gained 2.9 kilos in one meal!   

Everyone had to sit down and rest after eating.

Elder Sperry could not believe how much they ate.  Elder Bybee, Elder Ralison, Elder Johnston and Elder Nkulu were very proud of it!

Elder Tripp wanted to send this message home to his family in Utah!

Who is this?

And this?

Ahh!  Elder Andri sends this message home to his family in Madagascar.

Elder Nkulu sends this message home to his family in Limbubashi DRC.

Elder Etherington wanted his family to know he ate lions for Thanksgiving dinner.  JK.... that means "just kidding" he explained to me!!  His family is from Oklahoma!

Elder Sperry....... what can I say!!!  He had so much to say to his family back in Utah that he couldn't write it all down.   So he just expresses his love for all of them, and wanted them to know he is working hard!   (hmmmmm!)

This is the real Elder Ralison!  He sends his love to his family in Madagascar!

And this is the one and only Elder Bybee.........He sends his love home to his family in Enoch, Utah!

And last is our beloved Zone Leader, Elder Johnston.  He has moved from Thanksgiving onto Christmas in no time!   He sends his love home to his family in Oklahoma!

We have so much to be grateful for this year 2014.  Mission life is wonderful and teaches you about the blessings of family, the Gospel, our Heavenly Father, our Savior and eternity.  We love it and love serving here in Pointe Noire with all of these fine Elders.  

The Church is True!

Until Next Week!


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