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Getting Ready ~ 7 December 2014

Getting ready for President Monga....

As Senior Couple Missionaries here in the Congo, we have found that we must be ready for anything.   We received a phone call from our President Monga on Monday saying he would be coming to visit us on Friday and stay for just 24 hours.  In that 24 hours he wanted to have a Zone Conference, interview each Elder, meet with 2 candidates who needed a special interview before they could be baptized and talk with one of the Branche Presidents.  We would also have a baptism at 3:00 that we would all need to attend.

Our part would be to organize this and see that it went off "without a hitch".  President arrived on Friday night at 9:00 P.M. with Elder Rakotonindriana who is his assistant.  Sister Monga was very weary from having just had Zone Conferences in Brazzaville, and Elder Rako was more than happy to come since he had served here for many months. 

We decided to have the Elders come to breakfast at 8:00 Saturday morning and then start the Zone Confernce at 9:00.  Whenever there is food involved, the Elders are always on time!!  
President started the Conference and talked for three hours on missionary work here in Pointe Noire.  We are so grateful for his leadership and love.  He told them that they are missionaries no matter where they are, and that they represent our Savior Jesus Christ whether they are at their apartments, in a taxi, walking on the roads, going to the store or at the Cyber. 

How we loved his quick visit and look forward to his return sometime in January.  

Elder & Sister Bailey, Elder Tripp, President Monga, Elder Sperry, Elder Nkulu, Elder Johnston and Elder Rako

This picture was taken after a very long day.  We are getting ready to take President to the Airport to return home to Brazzaville. 

The missionaries of Pointe Noire, except for Elder Etherington.  He was in his interview with the President.

Elder Ralison, Elder Tripp, Elder Andri, and Elder Rako

These are the Madagascar missionaries..... and Elder Tripp who is all American.

We love to hear Elder Sperry play the guitar.  He was our entertainment while we waited.  

Elder Rako served in the Mpaka Branche where all of these "youth"  attend.  He said it was like "coming home".

Getting ready for the baptism....

Elder Nkulu and Elder Sperry have been teaching (?).  He was baptized this past Saturday and confirmed a member on Sunday.

 Getting ready for Christmas....

Elder Sperry mentioned that missionary friends who had written him from other countries already had their Christmas decorations up..... here in the Congo we had nothing.   With limited funds and limited Christmas decorations, we just had to do our best...  

This will be our Christmas Tree for 2014.  It is simple and humble,  just like the first Christmas long ago.  Our daughter-in-law is sending us a scripture-present each day with a gift that the Savior has given us.  We love this....... so far we have received the gifts of the Atonement, Resurrection, Comforter, Grace, Forgiveness, and life itself.  Can you think of any better presents than these?

These are our stockings hung by the chalkboard with care!! Our daughter-in-law made these also.

And these will be the Elders Christmas Trees.  

Elder Bailey and I decided to do "24 days closer to our Savior"  for the missionaries.  We first had to make our own little boxes.

We ran off a scripture card for each day up until Christmas Eve.  Each scripture gives them a way to become closer to their Savior.  Because we have 8 Elders, each missionary received 3 boxes each to open on a certain day.

So this would be day 6.

And an example of a scripture that would be inside.

Then inside of each box is a service that they need to do to help them become more like our Savior.

These are the boxes from 1 - 24.

This is the Mpaka Apartments Christmas!  

Getting ready to call it a day!

Elder Bailey is checking the church grounds to make sure everything is locked down and secure.  "Unto the Lord" is our motto and we are so grateful for being able to serve here in the Congo and do our part to build the kingdom of God.  

Until next week!

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