Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Come Follow Me ~ 4 Jan. 2015

A New Year. . . . 2015

We made it to a New Year here in the Congo!  On 6 January 2015,  we will be at our one year mark with 6 more months to go.  We cannot believe how quickly time flies when your having fun!   As a Senior Missionary Couple serving as MLS missionaries, we have loved our service here and look forward to giving our "all" these last few months of our mission to bringing souls to Christ.  

Our President Monga and his family came to celebrate the holidays here in Pointe Noire for 10 days.  We loved having them and last Monday, we went to the Ponton Plage.   This following picture is one that we took of our missionaries.  I loved the "footsteps in the sand", which 'beckons" us to follow....  We are so grateful to serve alongside of these fine Elders and their dedication and love of the Lord. 

Elder Sperry, Joshué, Arnauld, Elder Mbikayi, Elder Muamba and Elder Andri

Come Follow Me . . . . Baptism

This is Desti.  He has had many missionaries teach him the Gospel.  He finally was ready to be baptized.  Elder Sperry and Elder Mbikayi are the missionaries for Aéroport which is the sector  that Desti lives in.

Elder Nzoronka, Elder Andri, Elder Bolendolo,  & Elder Etherington

This is Colette.  She was so happy to be baptized.  Elder Adriamiasinarivo baptized her.  She is in the Loandjili Branche where Elder Etherington used to be. It was a group effort for a beautiful family.

Elder Andri and Elder Bolendolo also baptized two brothers in the Loandjili Branche.
 They are Néfi Gloire Deshan Niaty, and Grace Ruben Niaty.

Come Follow Me. . . .The Ponton Plage

We consider the Ponton Plage our special retreat.  We love to go there on a Preparation Day to bind ourselves together in fun and love.

  These are the Aéroport Elders and the first time for Elder Mbikayi to come.  Elder Sperry loves to come to the beach and take in all of the fun things that we do here. 

These are the Pointe Noire Elders. This is Elder Nzronka's first time also.  Elder Etherington has been here for 7 months and knows that eventually he will be transferred..... but for right now he is loving the work the Lord has called him to do.

This is Elder Johnston with Elder Muamba.  They are the Mpaka Elders.  Elder Johnston goes home in February, so this is his last companion and one of his last times here at the Ponton Plage.

Come Follow Me. . . . Volleyball that quickly turned into Soccer.

We started out playing volleyball, but the moment the ball touched the ground,  it was soccer that took over.   All of the African Elders LOVE to play soccer!!

Elder Bolendolo, Elder Andri, and Elder Etherington go after the ball.  Elder Muamba and Joshué look on.

Elder Nzoronka put his heart, soul and face into playing hard for the Team.  

The Pointe Noire Missionaries plus Arnauld, Joshué, Miriam and Ben.

Président and Soeur Monga loved getting away and just having time for themselves and their family.  Being a Mission Président is such a very demanding calling.  We are so grateful that they were able to come and have some time to relax and have fun with their family.

Elder Johnston, Elder Sperry, Elder Muamba, Elder Bolendolo, Elder Nzoronka, Elder Mbikayi, Elder Etheringto and Elder Andri.

Missionaries are always trying to outdo each other!   Elder Nzoronka, Elder Mbikayi and Elder Muamba are seeing who can stay up the longest.

Elder Etherington jumps off the ledge of the sand..... I think this is called a "Cannonball" in swimming!

After it was all over Elder Sperry accompanied us for some singing while we waited for Elder Bailey to take President Monga's family to get a taxi.

Elder Andri loves music.  He is learning how to play guitar and piano.

Come Follow Me. . . . The New Mvou Mvou Apartment

Included in our busy week, we moved the Loandjili Elders and the Pointe Noire Elders to a new apartment.  We prayed so hard to find an apartment that would be secure and safe, in their area, and with a Landlord that we could work with.   We found this with only 3 weeks before we had to be out of the other one.  Heavenly Father does hear our prayers and does watch over His missionaries!

The new kitchen!  Elder Etherington loves to cook so he was very happy with all of the space that is in the new apartment.

Come Follow Me. . . . A New Year!

We had a New Year Celebration at the church to celebrate 2015.  We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for all He does to sustain us and strengthen us to be "Instruments in His Hands".  We are going to work so hard this New Year to help our members get to the Temple, and help the Youth get out on missions.  We also will work hard to strengthen the Branches in their testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. so that they can be a part of the "work of salvation" here in Pointe Noire Congo.

The Church Is True!


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