Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hastening the Work in 2015... 17 January

Hastening the Work..... in California 

This has been a very busy week for Elder & Sister Bailey.  First of all, our oldest grandchild Brody, received his mission call to serve in the California Redlands Missison.  Some of the cities in Brody's mission were in Elder Bailey's California Mission he served in 49 years ago.  Brody reports to the MTC in 44 days.
Oh, how we wish we could be there to help him get ready and send him off, but part of being a Senior Missionary Couple is knowing beforehand that you will not be there for very special events in the lives of those you love.  We told our family before we left that we were not "leaving them".... we were "leading them"... We know our example and love will be with Brody as he prepares to serve the Lord for the next 2 years. 

Hastening the Work in Pointe Noire Congo. . . . 

Elder Mbikayi, Elder Muamba, Elder Bulendolo, Elder Sperry, Elder Andriamiasinarivo, Elder Johnston

Our Elders prepared for one of the first baptisms for the year 2015.  The Aéroport Elders have been teaching Ronel, and all came together today to attend his baptism.  

Elder Bailey, Soeur Bailey, Jhostovey, Ronel and his friends.

Elder Sperry was asked by Ronel to baptize him.  

Frere Kende who is the 1st Counselor in the Aéroport Branche presided over the baptism.  Jhostovey, who is a Ward Missionary, conducted for Paco who had to attend a funeral.  

The person who was supposed to give the talk on Baptism did not show up, so Elder Mbikayi gave the talk.  He did a wonderful job.

Elder Bailey handled the music for the meeting.

Christ gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.

I usually help with leading the music, but when we found out how much Elder Muamba loves music, we now have a new music leader.  He didn't have a music book when he came from Brazzaville, so we gave him an extra one we had at our home.  He was so grateful and already had a leather holder to put it in.

Frere Kende gave the remarks and talked about the symbolism between Jesus' death and resurrection and baptism. 

Finally, Ronel was asked to give his testimony. He was a little hesitant, but gave a heartfelt testimony of his gratitude for the Gospel and finding truth.

He wanted a group picture of everyone who celebrated his special day.


We love this part of being missionaries for the Lord.  The Spirit was very strong today and we all are so grateful to be a small part in the grand work of "Hastening the Work of Salvation"  all over the world.

The Church is True!!

Until next week.


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