Monday, August 18, 2014

Baptisms and Transfers.......August 18

August 16 ..... Baptisms

Elder Bybee and Elder Johnston baptized Emmanuel, and Belchance on Saturday.  Their neighbors and friends came to see them.  

Elder Tripp and Elder Ralison baptized "Padma" on Saturday also.  Padma has known the church was true for a long time.  She has had many missionaries teach her the Gospel.  She has had great faith and trust in her Savior Jesus Christ that this day would come.  She is so grateful for finally realizing her dream of becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

August 18.....Transfer Letters and Preparation Day

Every 6 weeks there are transfers between each Zone, which can even move them to a new country.   This is the first transfer for President Monga and all of the missionaries were waiting patiently to see what was going to happen.  As it turned out, we received only one "transfer letter" and that was for Elder Tweneboah.  He has been here since he came out of the MTC and took it very hard.  He knew that this day would come, but the realization of moving to Brazzaville was "overwhelming to him as he knows he is now going to be given to a new companion to help him learn his French, and to bring souls to Christ.  

We all love Elder Tweneboah.  He is from Ghana, and always has a smile.  He is positive and happy, and such a hard worker.  He leaves on Wednesday to go to Brazzaville where he will be companions to a Elder Kouakou.   We wish him the best of luck.

Elder Mass√© has been Elder Tweneboah's companion for the past 6 weeks.  

This is one of my favorite pictures.....The farewell hug!   The brotherhood that these missionaries feel for each other is powerful.  They are saying goodbye to one of their own. 

Elder Etherington and Elder Tweneboah

Preparation Day....

Every Monday the Missionaries of Pointe Noire come to the church for basketball.... or "sport" as the Africans call it.  They love it because they not only get to see each other, but they get to have some "friendly competition" that comes naturally to most missionaries.  Some of the missionaries have played very little basketball, but they soon learn to "mix it up" with the best of them.  Even Elder Bailey gets out there and plays hard.  

Elder Sperry gets ready to shoot.

Elder Garland takes one from "half-lawn".....

Elder Naughton puts up a great shot....

Elde Tripp ties his shoes so he doesn't "trip" ......

and then goes one on one with Elder Naughton...

We are so grateful to serve alongside of these wonderful Elders.  We love them and know that they were called here by a Heavenly Father who knows their hearts.  This can be a very hard mission mentally, physically and spiritually, but these young Elders are prepared to exercise the "power and authority" that has been given them because of the testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they have.  They are truly "instruments in the hands of God"....

Until next week.....

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