Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Week of "Helping Hands"...August 23, 2014

This past week was one of helping hands.  It seems that as part of our missionary service we are needed in many areas, and each day we are on called upon to use our hands as part of serving the Lord.  We love our mission and are so thankful for these young Elders and their faith and trust.   We work hard as a team and "yoke" ourselves to the Lord to be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done.


Elder Tripp, Elder Garland, Elder Sperry, Elder Tweneboah, and Elder Ralison

On Wednesday we picked up Elder Tweneboah to drive him to the Airport.  He needed to be in Brazzaville by noon to receive his new companion "Elder Kouakou"....

Then we went back to the Airport at 4:00 to pick up Elder Massé's new companion "Elder Nkulu". He came to us from Brazzaville and has only 4 months left on his mission.  His home is in  Limbubashi Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Elder Massé and Elder Nkulu

Elder Garland and Elder Sperry asked if they could borrow the "African Bow-flex" from Mpaka so that they could work on keeping physically fit.

The object is to hold the stick out in front of you and the roll it up.  

Elder Sperry is a "natural"...

Elder Ralison is the "resident chef" of Mpaka... he prepared hamburgers with homemade buns last week.....Elder Massé asked for his to be surpersized!

Christelle, Elder Baiey & David

Elder Bailey's hands were used to tighten the bike-seat for Christelle and David.  Christelle is hearing the discussions from the missionaries and hopes to be baptized soon.

The Aéroport Branche planned a "Helping Hands" service project for last Saturday, August 23, 2014. Everyone gathered at the church to walk down to the beach and clean up all of the garbage and debris that is found along the shore.  

Elder Bailey and I were so excited to go for a great walk, when Président Caillet asked if we would transport all of the youth.  So these young men climbed in the back of the truck.  Président put the Sister in so she could keep them from falling out...... in the seat of the truck I had the babies.  I was holding Chrisia who was about 18 months old, had never seen a white person, and had never left her mothers side.  Needless to say she screamed the whole entire ride to the beach.....!?!

We love being "helping hands" for the Lord.  We were able to meet many people that day and talk to them about the church and how we love to give service to the community.

This is Chrisia, that sat on my lap and screamed the whole way.....Also Bijou is helping her pick up the trash and put it in the bag.  I kept wondering where her mother was???

After we had gathered a sizable amount of trash, they started it on fire.  Elder Bailey was in charge of fire #1.

We were supposed to have a garbage truck come, but by the time it arrived we had about 8 fires going along the beach.  Burning is how they take care of the garbage here.  

Elder Sperry, Monica, Elder Massé and Elder Nkulu 

We met these people as they came down to the beach.  The wanted to know what we were doing and talked to us for a long time about the church and what we believed.  

We met this man "Ambou" as he followed us up and down the beach trying to sell us a Nativity Set.  We kept looking at him and thinking he looked very familiar.   We then realized that he was the same man who sold us a Nativity Set in Cote d'Ivoire when we were there 4 years ago.  He just arrived here two weeks ago and I think that some of the Nativity Sets he was trying to sell us were the same ones we saw back in the Ivory Coast.   

Beldi, Herve, Christelle, Cecile, Alain, and Erica...... all working hard to clean up the beach.

This is Chloe.  She is President Caillet's daughter.   She was very mad at me because I would not give her the seashells I had found.  Even though I showed her where to find her own, she wanted mine.  Even though we don't speak the same language, she has somehow managed to know how much I love her.  She always searches me out to give her a hug, or a drink of water.  It is such a testimony to me of how "love" can be expressed even without saying any words.

The Group Photo.....Elder Bailey had to take a phone call from President Monga so he wasn't able to get in the picture.  Also, by this time the television station had come to take pictures and have interviews.  Président Caillet asked if I would like to say a few words.  I respectfully declined!

Elder Garland, Elder Etherington, Elder Sperry, Elder Johnston, Elder Naughton, and Elder Bybee

We attended District Meeting this week with these fine Elders.  Elder Etherington made fudge and topped it with cookie dough.......(without the eggs).  I don't think I have had anything like that.  It tasted pretty good!  The Elders have been "enduring" the hardship of having their apartment painted that beautiful "canary yellow" ...... so a little something sweet was just what they needed.  We had a wonderful lesson taught by Elder Johnston on "Conversion". He is the District Leader and does such a wonderful job.

We will say "Good-bye" to all this week and wish to express our gratitude to our Heavenly Father for being called to be missionaries here in Pointe Noire.  Some days we are so tired we can't sit down, or we would never get up.  But, we love it, and we love those we have been called to serve with all of our Heart, Might, Mind, Strength and.......... Hands!!

Until next week.


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