Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zone Conference September 1, 2014

Our Mission President and Elder Hamiliton,

Front Row:  President Monga, Soeur Monga, Soeur Hamilton & Elder Hamilton
Middle Row: Soeur Bailey, Elder Nkulu, Elder Bybee, Elder Garland, Elder Masse & Elder Ralison
Back Row: Elder Bailey, Elder Naughton, Elder Etherington, Elder Sperry, Elder Tripp, Elder Johnston

On September 1st, 2014, we picked up our President and Sister Monga, and Elder and Sister Hamilton for their "Tour of the Mission".  We were so excited knowing that we would have not only our President, but a General Authority to be with us for one day.  Our first meeting was to start at 9:00 A.M. We are always hopeful for the "ideal", but here in Africa, we are just grateful for anything close to that.  Elder Bailey picked them up at 8:45 and they were here to begin, what turned out to be, a wonderful day.  We were "taught" from everyone.  President asked us to write down the "impressions" that the spirit taught us that day.  Sister Monga went over the health issues. . . . we were told not to eat any "monkey" meat, which won't be a problem on our part.  Sister Hamilton helped us to understand what a "70" does, that they are a "special witness of Christ", and Elder Hamilton, led by the Spirit, went over the "Work of Salvation" and how it was coming in Pointe Noire.
The spirit was strong as we went over how to help the people become converted to the Gospel. Elder Hamilton ended by giving a powerful testimony.  How grateful we all were for this inspiring day!

This is Sister Monga reminding Elder Sperry to stay away from all monkey meat and pork.  I don't think there will be a problem with Elder Sperry either.

Elder Ralison, Elder Bybee and Elder Tripp

Elder Massé and Elder Johnston

After the Zone Conference meeting at our home, Elder Hamilton and President Monga met at the church where they instructed the Priesthood leaders.

President  Sombo , President Ndinga  and Priesthood Leaders, listening to the instruction from Elder Hamilton.

After they had instructed the Priesthood Leaders, they attended a Family Home Evening with the Vincent Kende Family.

Baptisms.....Saturday, September 6, 2014

Elder Etherington and Elder Naughton with "Sagesse" and her family.

Elder Massé with Celéstin, Matinga, and Daljus

Giscard.... the "carver"

During these past two weeks we received our 18 elephants that Giscard has been carving for us.  It has taken him many months because he has had two fires that burned his wood.  We love his work and when he found out they were for our grandchildren he got the biggest smile on his face.  

Giscard in his workplace

This is his apprentice. . . 

These are the other "artists" that share this spot.  Each one has a style all of his own.

I love the intensity of the work involved in each piece that is carved.

The turtle was carved by Giscard

These are the elephants that he has been working on for months.

Elephants, cats, and hippos.......

Behind the carving area is a cemetery.  Elder Bailey took the longest time to walk around and look at each date and person on the crosses.  Most were little children. 

Group Photo!

This is his giraffe that he is carving.  It was beautiful especially the eyes!

Finally, the elephants.... I will have to invest in some white paint to paint the tusks.  He carves each tusk by hand and even made me some extra.

It has been a busy last two weeks, filled to the brim with many wonderful experiences.  We are so grateful for the Lords work of Salvation, and our small part in it. 

Until next week.......


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