Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Music and the Unspoken Word ~ September 22, 2014

Music ~ our Words We Cannot Speak

It has been said that..."Music touches hearts where words cannot".. In our case, as Senior Missionaries  here in Pointe Noire, this is certainly true.   Four months ago we applied for and received 15 keyboards and workbooks from the "Jack and Wauna Harman Music Education Fund. "  This is a wonderful program, run through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that allows anyone throughout the world to be able to learn music.  There are a few rules  and regulations, but we qualified for them and were able to get 5 keyboards for each one of our Branches.  Since then, there has been one more Branche formed, so we are getting ready to apply for 5 more.

The whole goal of the program is to teach the students so that when we are done, they will be able to receive a keyboard, and turn around and teach someone else.  We are a perfect example of this as "Paco" is one of our teachers who helps Elder Bailey.  He had the lessons from Elder and Sister Gates 4 years ago.  He willingly comes every Wednesday for four hours, helps translates, and helps with our faithful 15 students.  

We have seen amazing results and are now seeing our students play in Sacrament Meetings and at Baptisms.  They are so proud of themselves and that is the greatest part of it all.

We come every Wednesday to the church and set up the the Keyboards.  We have two sessions...one from 2:00 ~ 4:00 and the other from 4:00 ~ 6:00.  We have to put up all of the chairs, get the tables from the kitchen and bring our keyboards out of the library and set them up.  We have 5 keyboards with batteries for when there is no power.   The picture above is of our 2:00 session.

We keep track of their progress each week, so that when they come for their lesson they will start where they left off.  Paco walks around and helps each student with what they are working on for that day.

They have not complained that the person right across from them is on a different page, they just work so hard at practicing the music.  We keep the keyboards at the church for now.  

This is Divin.  He is learning how to read notes, and then knowing where they are on the keyboard.  In French the notes are called Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si..... That has been a bit hard for me to translate.

Justohvy played for our Baptism on the 14th of September.  He had practiced so hard all week.  He did a wonderful job, even though he said that it is very different when people are singing. 

Christ is always one of the first ones to come to class.  He always helps set up and most of the time stays for 4 hours.

Daljus is our most advanced student.  He played for Sacrament Meeting last Sunday.

Herve is working on learning the names of the notes.  This next week we will go over where they are found on the piano.

Raoul works so hard to learn the notes and the songs.  He was able to take one of our old keyboards home to practice for two weeks.  He will bring it back this week and then someone else will be able to take it home to practice.

When no one needs help, Paco practices playing the hymns.

Slavy has been one our very most dedicated students.  He works so hard to try and get the keys learned so that he can start playing hymns.

Murrian is one of our newest students, and also one of our most "natural".  He was baptized on the 14th and loves coming to the church to be among his friends.  


We love helping teach music to the Youth of Pointe Noire.   It is just another way to bring light and hope to these wonderful people that we have been "Called To Serve".

The Church is True!


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