Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday in the Congo ~ September 15, 2014

Encouraging ~ A big part of missionary work. . .  

The missionaries work so hard everyday to teach and support the  work here in Pointe Noire.  President Gordon B. Hinckley said:  "Every convert is a great and serious responsibility." So they are not only working with investigators, they are nourishing and strengthening those that have been baptized.  Some days there is not enough hours in a day to do all that needs to be done.  

Encouragement is a big part of missionary work.  Every day they encourage those they are working with to keep their commitments, pray daily, study the scriptures and review the lessons that they have been taught.  

Some days, we encourage and strengthen each other in the work we have been called to do.  That strengthening came this past week in the form of a Birthday Party for Sister Bailey.  The missionaries wanted to come and have cake and ice-cream... so they had a one hour window on Sunday night, where we got together to eat, sing, laugh, and nourish each other.    It was wonderful!   So, I personally wanted to thank them for their thoughtfulness and for all they do for Elder Bailey and I and for the Lord.  They inspire us to do our very best each day, because of their example of hard work and commitment.     

So here is a big "Merci" to all the missionaries in Pointe Noire!

Elder Ralison, Elder Bybee, Elder Naugton, Elder Massé, and Elder Nkulu 

The Elders worked hard to bake the cakes and make the fudge-sauce for the ice-cream.  Elder Sperry made me this beautiful seashell necklace, that I will place next to all of my macaroni necklace's from my children and grandchildren. 

Back row:  Elder Tripp, Elder Etherington, Elder Bybee and Elder Ralison
Middle row:  Elder Nkulu, Elder Massé, Elder Sperry, Elder Garland and Elder Johnston
Front row:  Elder Naughton and Sister Bailey 

This is the wonderful, enthusiastic, group of missionaries that have been called to preach the Gospel here in Pointe Noire. . . We love working along side of them as the Senior Couple assigned here to serve the Lord with whatever He needs us to do.

The Elders lined up for some nice, hot vegetable soup.

I tripled the recipe, but still not a drop was left.  

Elder Bybee was on prepatory help in the kitchen... He looks great in an apron.   Elder Tripp is hoping that there will still be some soup left for him by the time he gets up there!

Elder Etherington is patiently waiting for his turn.

Elder Tripp is now ready for seconds!

Elder Johnston 

Elder Nkulu

Elder Garland and Elder Sperry with a "Selfie".....

The missionaries get down to the business of eating.  They love to be together and catch up on how the work is progressing and just to be with each other.

Elder Naughton

Elder Garland

Elder Massé received his flight plans to leave on October 3.  He has served a wonderful mission and will head home to Oregon to his very excited family that has not seen him for 2 years.

Elder Etherington stirs his fudge-sauce to put on the ice-cream.  He made one with peanut butter added and one without.  Elder Sperry is allergic to peanuts, so we are very careful about "peanuts" when we all get together.

 Elder Massé and Elder Naughton were the dishwashers for the night.  Elder Bailey was very grateful, as this is usually his job.  

Elder Garland, Elder Bybee and Elder Sperry checking out the "World Map". 

Baptisms for the week. . . . 

Elder Sperry and Elder Garland have been teaching "Dieu Merci".  He is a fine young man that has also been coming to our piano classes.  He was baptized by "Paco" who is the Ward Mission Leader.  All of the others are friends that came to support him.  Even though he is only 14, he has a very mature attitude of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We close another week here in Pointe Noire.  We are so grateful for each other and for the purpose we all share in bringing souls to Christ.  We love the work, and we love the wonderful missionaries we serve alongside.  

The Church is True!

Until Next Week...............


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