Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teaching....No Greater Call


Teaching is such a big part of Missionary Work, and such a big part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In "Preach My Gospel" it tells us:
"We are surrounded by people.  You pass by them on the street, visit them in their homes, and travel among them.  All of them are children of God, your brothers and sisters.  God loves them just as He loves you.  Many of these people are searching for purpose in life.  They are concerned for their families. They need a sense of belonging that comes from the knowledge that they are children of God, members of His eternal family.  They want to feel secure in a world of changing values.  They want "peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come", but they are "kept from the truth because they know not where to find it."  (D&C 123:12)
We are so grateful to be able to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about the "Plan of Happiness", especially about our Savior Jesus Christ, who is central to that plan.  We are so grateful to serve alongside such wonderful Elders who are working so hard for the Lord.

This is the new Young Women's President and 1st Counselor in the Aéroport Branche.  We talked about the new "Come Unto Me" lessons and how to teach them.  We also talked about how each Sunday should be outlined, and how to prepare spiritually.

Bernard is looking over the shoulders of Janis, trying to figure out what we are talking about.  He is the new Young Men's President in the Aéroport Branche.  We trained him and his counselor last Thursday.

It is such a privilege to be among such willing and faithful leaders.  Helena has only been a member of the church for 2 months, but she has been "prepared' to lead her Young Women in coming unto Christ.

The Young Women Presidency of the Aéroport Branche

Elsa, 2nd Counselor, Helena, President, and Lisa, 1st Counselor

Elder Etherington and Elder Naughton taught MerChrist the Gospel and he was baptized on July 26, 2014.  They are assigned to the  Louanjili Branche which was created on June 29, 2014 with President Ndinga being called as the President.  These Elders are so busy trying to teach all the contacts the Branche members have given them as referrals.  

Elder Bybee, Elder Garland, Elder Bailey, Soeur Bailey, Max, Patrick and Elder Johnston.  This was taken right after our Family Home Evening lesson last Monday.  We sang President Monga's favorite song....


We are so amazed at the level of artistic expertise that our Congolese friends have learned.  We were looking for some shelves to put in the new apartment for Elder Garland and Elder Sperry, and found these made by these two men.  They told us they get their reeds from the rain forest.  They turned out to be perfect.

When our five boys were very young, my sister Pam taught me how to cut hair.  She is a wonderful beautician and has always been so willing to share her gift to others.  Elder Sperry was finally ready for the "buzz cut" which all of the Elders eventually have, because it is so easy to take care of.  

On Saturday the Relief Society Sisters had an activity at the Church.  They got together to do "Xango" and wanted to teach me how to do this.    Zango is something that everyone does here, and they are wonderful at it.  I never did get the idea of what was going on, and I still cannot walk........ but we laughed very hard and everyone had a wonderful time.

The idea of Zango is to divide into two teams.   Then you come together two at a time, one from each opposing team, and then you "jump" and put your foot out.  Depending on which foot you put out depends on who wins............ You have to remember that the explanation on how to play this was all done in French, so that might be part of why I still don't have a clue what to do.  Add to it the part where they sing and chant and it was "wild" to say the least.  When it would come to my turn, I would just jump up and put any foot out.  They laughed so hard at me because I won quite a few!!   Don't ask me how!!


We are so thankful for the opportunity to teach, learn, and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful also, for the many wonderful experiences we are having as we serve the Lord as a Missionary Couple here in the Congo......

Until next week.......


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